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​Biotechnology is of strategic importance for Gedeon Richter. In 2006 the Company took the decision to enter the field of recombinant biotechnology leveraging its more than 50 years of experience accumulated in the steroid fermentation processes.



Full set of capabilities in Biotechnology

In 2007 Gedeon Richter together with Helm AG founded Richter-Helm Biologics Joint venture (JV) in Germany. The JV  embraces state-of-the-art facilities specialised in microbial cell fermentation technologies: FDA and EMA approved R&D laboratories in Hamburg, cGMP pilot plant capacities in Hannover, and FDA and EMA approved drug substance manufacturing plant in Bovenau.

Gedeon Richter also has significant capacities in mammalian cell fermentation based technologies. In 2007 the first mammalian cell development R&D laboratories and a cGMP pilot plant were established in the Company's Budapest site. In 2008 Richter launched a green-field investment to build a plant in Debrecen in order to create the conditions for the manufacturing of mammalian cell products at commercial scale. The drug substance and fill-and-finish manufacturing plants were put into service in 2012.

Thanks to these investments too, Gedeon Richter's activities in biotechnology encompass the full in-house value chain, ranging from research and development through manufacturing to commercialization in key geographical areas.


Current biotechnology portfolio

Product Indication Status
BEMFOLA (biosimilar r-hFSH)InfertilityRichter acquired the product in 2016, marketed in more than 30 countries 
TERROSA (biosimilar teriparatide)OsteoporosisLaunched in Europe, Japan and South Korea
DenosumabOsteoporosis, oncologyC​linical stage development
​Tocilizumab Rheumatoid arthritis     ​Clinical stage development

Further 3 biosimilar projects in early stage development


Partnering with us

The Company's Biotechnology Business Unit continuously seeks new partnerships in order to:

  • Leverage R&D, manufacturing and commercialization skills via in-licensing and co-development & co-commercialization in Europe, CIS and Latin America. Our areas of interest are:
      • Osteoporosis
      • Rheumatology
      • Women's Healthcare
      • Oncology
  • Secure co-development and commercialization (out-licensing) agreements for Gedeon Richter's biosimilar portfolio in the following geographic areas:
      • USA & Canada
      • Asia
      • Australia and New Zealand
      • MENA, Africa

Contact us

With your biotechnology inquiries you can reach us at the following e-mail addresses and phone numbers:    

Dr. Johanna Knospe

Head of Biotechnology Business Development Department


Office phone: +36-1-431-4928


Ivan Jako

Senior Partner Manager, Biotechnology Business Development Department


Office phone: +36-1-889-4799

Please send all your non-biotechnology inquiries to the following email address: