Health is our mission

Conferences, roadshows

The Company's management, principally the Managing Director and investor relations staff, maintain a dialogue with institutional shareholders on Richter's performance and objectives through a programme of conferences, regular meetings and investor roadshows.


Investor roadshows 2012-2016

London7-10 February 2012
New York, Boston27-9 February 2012
Frankfurt12 April 2012
Copenhagen, Stockholm14-16 May 2012
London17-18 September 2012
London11-12 February 2013
New York, Boston22-23 May 2013
London10 September 2013
Frankfurt11 December 2013
London10-11 February 2014
New York, Boston19-20 June 2014
Stockholm, Copenhagen2-3 September 2014
London16 September 2014
London11-12 February 2015
London26 March 2015
London29-30 September 2015
London11-12 February 2016
London14 April 2016
London4-5 October 2016
London24 November 2016


conferences 2012-2016

ConcordeOne-on-one ConferenceBudapest4 April 2012
UBSEMEA One-on-One ConferenceLondon2012. május 30.
ErsteInvestor ConferenceStegersbach1 October 2012
ConcordeOne on One ConferenceBudapest3 April 2013
BAMLGlobal Healthcare ConferenceLondon11-12 September 2013
ErsteInvestor ConferenceStegersbach7-9 October 2013
ConcordeOne on One ConferenceBudapest9 April 2014
UniCreditAnnual Emerging Europe Investment ConferenceWarsaw15-16 September 2014
BAMLGlobal Healthcare ConferenceLondon17-18 September 2014
ErsteInvestor ConferenceStegersbach8 October 2014
WoodEmerging Europe ConferencePrague3-4 December 2014
ConcordeOne on One ConferenceBudapest9 April 2015
JefferiesJefferies Specialty Pharma Leadership SummitLondon18 June 2015
ErsteInvestor ConferenceStegersbach6-7 October 2015
JefferiesGlobal Healthcare ConferenceLondon18-19 November 2015
WoodEmerging Europe ConferencePrague3-4 December 2015
ConcordeOne on One ConferenceBudapest6 April 2016
BAMLGlobal Healthcare ConferenceLondon14-15 September 2016