Health is our mission

Richter as employer

​What is it like to work at Richter?
 According to Aon Hewitt’s Most Desired Employers study, Richter was the most desired workplace in the pharmaceutical industry in 2013. The research also shows that its stability and workplace reliability are very much appreciated by employees in Hungary. Stability and reliability are the values that fundamentally determine our Company’s corporate culture.

Enduring values
Our Company is still operating in the spirit defined by its founder. Our basic values have determined and shaped every day at Richter since the very beginning. Richter has been a reliable player in the pharmaceutical industry for more than a hundred years, and its success is due to the high level of its employees’ performance. The Company has traditionally based its future on innovation.

Richter has been a major player in Hungary’s national economy for more than a hundred years. Its century of success can be attributed to, among other things, carefully considered, effective decision-making that has always focused on long-term strategy. The Company has provided jobs for several generations of Hungarians ever since it was first founded. Stability and reliability are the cornerstones of our corporate culture.
Ethical conduct has been a major component of Richter’s corporate culture for as long as the Company has been in existence. It is important for us that the people who work here treat one another with mutual respect and trust while working together. Ethical business conduct is an important value for us to adhere to when working with our external partners.
Liveable workplace
Another major feature of our corporate culture is the friendly, family atmosphere. Close-knit, caring workplace communities develop over the many long years spent at Richter. In addition to providing a good workplace atmosphere, it is very important for us to safeguard our employees’ health. We believe that in the long run the only employees who are capable of high-level performance are those who devote sufficient attention to their work-life balance and have the opportunity to reinvigorate themselves and stay physically and mentally healthy. In order to achieve this, we provide our employees with a wide range of sporting and recreational opportunities as well as medical screenings.
Innovation is a tradition at Richter and has been a major part of the Company’s strategy since it was founded in 1901. Richter has since developed into the most important pharmaceutical research centre in Central and Eastern Europe. As it has the ability to ensure our future, innovative thinking is considered important in every area of the Company. We created the RITA Award in 2010 to encourage and acknowledge creative thinking and innovation on a daily level.
One of the secrets of the Company’s success lies in experience and valuable know-how accumulated over many generations. This is why the long-term commitment of our employees is important to us. The average number of years spent in employment at Richter is nearly 14, which is unsurpassed in Hungary. Commitment is mutual between an employer and an employee, and our employees are able to rely on Richter as a workplace for the long term.
Performance orientation
The pharmacist Gedeon Richter built the first pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Hungary, and in its day it was an outstanding technological facility. Not long after it was founded, the Company was selling its products in several countries around the world. Following in the footsteps of our founder, the Company is today on the right course to becoming a pan-European pharmaceutical business. The Company’s achievements can be attributed to the outstanding performance of its employees, and we are sure that the performance-oriented workplace atmosphere will be the engine of the company’s development over the next hundred years.
Experts of all kinds can be found at Richter, which employs more than 5,000 people in Hungary. It is very important that everyone does their best to help achieve the corporate goals. Cooperation and a constructive atmosphere are essential for achieving the common goals.