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Gedeon Richter Romania

​The history of the Tirgu Mures-based Gedeon Richter Romania goes back to 1985, when the foundation stone of the pharmaceutical plant Armedica was laid. Manufacturing began four years later. It was in 1998 that Richter purchased a 50.98% majority stake in S. C. Armedica S. A. from the Romanian state, through Gedeon Richter Romania SRL.  In 2003, Gedeon Richter Romania S.R.L merged with the public limited company S.C. Armedica S. A.

 The new company was transformed into a private limited company and its name changed to Gedeon Richter Romania S. A. As a result of capital increases, Richter now has a 98.96% ownership in Gedeon Richter Romania S. A.

Pursuant to the first phase of the privatisation, the simplifying and restructuring of the product portfolio was started in 1999 with the product range being enhanced by new preparations, both licensed and self-developed. One of the tenets of the medium and long-term strategy was the setting up of a marketing network, a quality insurance system and, in general, the establishment of all conditions necessary for pharmaceutical manufacturing to conform to international standards. The investments required for GMP-level manufacturing started in 1998. Thanks to this and the continuous facility developments in the next few years (setting up a regional development laboratory and a logistics centre, development of the tabletting, ointment and finished dosage plants, and modernisation of the service units), the modern preparations produced by the Romanian subsidiary comply with regulations and the company has undergone several successful Romanian and Hungarian GMP inspections. In 2006 Gedeon Richter Romania’s portfolio comprised 39 products, most importantly, treatments for cardiovascular conditions and drugs for the central nervous system as well antibiotics in the form of tablets, ointment or solution.