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Gedeon Richter RUS

​Gedeon Richter has been a household name in Russia for 50 years. The Company, which is known by the simple name “Gedeon” amongst the majority of Russian people, has always been very popular on the Russian market with is reliable, effective and affordable products.

​Therefore, the decision was made to set up a manufacturing unit in the town of Yegoryevsk near Moscow. Three years later the manual manufacturing facility began operations and in the autumn of 2001 the subsidiary "GEDEON RICHTER-RUS" was officially inaugurated.
Realising the importance of quality assurance, the Russian unit soon gained an advantage over its competitors since it secured the GMP EC certificate and export activity as well as the manufacturing of licensed-in products (on the basis of contracts with the parent company) began. Nowadays Russian manufacturing site operates according to GMP and ISO regulations and supplies its products to all CIS countries and to Hungary.

"GEDEON RICHTER-RUS" is engaged in the manufacturing of finished dosage drugs and solid form packaging (tablet, capsule). Its products cover several therapeutic areas. Among these are antiallergic, cardiovascular, antiulcer, anti-inflammatory, tranquillizer and antibacterial preparations.

Recently increased manufacturing and warehouse facilities will allow in the nearest future to produce 10 time as many products as the plant produces now. The company employs about 400 employees and this number is constantly increasing due to the company's development.