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Gedeon Richter Polska

​A major chemical company in Poland prior to World War II, Grodziskie Zaklady Farmaceutyczne (Polfa Grodzisk) commenced operations in 1885. In the period after 1945, Polfa concentrated on API manufacture but gradually the company became involved in finished dosage production as well. 

The company joined the Richter Group on 12 November 2002 when Gedeon Richter Ltd., as a strategic investor, acquired a 51% majority stake in the new Polish pharmaceutical manufacturer to be founded with Polfa.
With the completion of the five-year capital expenditure programme, Richter’s ownership in the company increased to 99.8%. The finished product manufacturing unit was modernised and significant infrastructure, IT and environment protection developments were completed. Besides the finished dosage product plant, a pilot plant and a warehouse were also constructed, making Polfa the most modern facility in Poland.

Following the acquisition, API production and other secondary activities were terminated and the company, with 740 employees, is now engaged in the manufacturing of finished dosage drugs and solid form packaging (tablet, capsule). The product portfolio comprises gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory preparations. Polfa markets 32 brands in several presentations in Poland.

Similar to the parent company, Polfa’s activity covers not only manufacturing but marketing, promotion, R&D and purchasing as well. Moreover, Richter’s Polish subsidiary exports to Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Romania and the Ukraine. Polfa also takes part in the research and development activity of the Richter Group, in addition it operates a wholesale business selling Gedeon Richter’s products in Poland.