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Our drug product production facility is designed to handle a wide variety of dosage forms including syringes, cartridges and vial filling. Flexible equipment allows us to adopt to your batch size from clinical trial material to commercial scale. Visual inspection, label/blister technology and packaging capabilities are available to provide a complete fill&finish service portfolio.​



  • Flexible lines support various dosage forms like syringe, cartridge & vial filling under sterile conditions.
  • Automated freeze drying up to 15000 containers capacity (25R), with recipe led automated loading / unloading.
  • Flexible batch sizes (5L-500L) to support the production of clinical trial material as well as full scale commercial production. 
  • Visual inspection of every vial/cartridge/syringe before labeling and blistering. 
  • Both stainless steel vessels and single use technology (SUT) materials (plastic bags/aseptic connectors) are available.
  • Restricted access barrier system (RABS): filling processes are contained in a sterile environment. Open RABS are used for fast process changeovers (e.g. from vials to cartridges).