Health is our mission


Our R&D facilities cover process technology and analytical method development laboratories. Our drug substance and drug product pilot plants combined with our experience in biologics product development enable us to provide you with a full-service portfolio to address small-scale and scale-up development requirements.​


Our capabilities

  • Process development from cell to drug product, using high throughput clone selection, scale-down microbioreactor capability, drug substance and drug product process development, and scale-up assets.
  • Pilot plants for drug substance and drug product, equipped with the latest USP and DSP technology.
  • Rapid tech transfers/scale-up as a result of the pilot and commercial facilities both located on one site.
  • Analytical Development: Extensive equipment options and a wide range of expertise to support product characterisation and process analytics method development.
  • Development partnerships with academic institutions and universities provide access to advanced technologies not available in-house.