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    Richter publicly traded for 20 years – a Hungarian success story

    ​The shares of Gedeon Richter Plc. were admitted to trading at the Budapest Stock Exchange 20 years ago. In the two decades since then, the price of the company's shares has showed a 28-fold increase, while Richter has become the third highest-turnover security of the Hungarian stock market. The last twenty years of Richter is a true success story both for stock exchange investors and the Hungarian economy: the pharmaceutical company's sales revenue has grown more than 15-fold, its profit-after-tax 10-fold, and the number of employees 2.5-fold since listing.

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    Gynaecological therapy is a focus area for Richter. The company has several decades of unparalleled experience in this area. The first steroid experiments were conducted by the company’s founder, Gedeon Richter himself. Our company was the first pharmaceutical company to put a contraceptive on the Hungarian market, in 1966.

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