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    Richter and HRA Pharma Agreement on Intellectual Property Rights of Esmya® in respect of Latin America

    29 May 2014,

    BUDAPEST and PARIS – Gedeon Richter Plc. ('Richter') and Laboratoire HRA Pharma ('HRA Pharma') today announced that they concluded a sale and purchase agreement in connection with intellectual property rights of ulipristal acetate for the treatment of benign gynaecological disorders with respect to the territories of Latin America. No financial terms related to the agreement were disclosed.

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    Gynaecological therapy is a focus area for Richter. The company has several decades of unparalleled experience in this area. The first steroid experiments were conducted by the company’s founder, Gedeon Richter himself. Our company was the first pharmaceutical company to put a contraceptive on the Hungarian market, in 1966.

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