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Quality self-medication – Gedeon Richter brands without prescription


Gedeon Richter also produces a wide range of products which are available in Pharmacy without prescription (OTC – "Over-the-counter”). We offer various brands internationally for several health problems. We are committed to providing reliable, high quality products for the safe self-medication of patients not only in Europe but also in Asia and the US. 

Our most important international brands are: Escapelle (Postinor), an emergency contraceptive pill, Panangin for supporting cardiovascular health, Stopdiar to treat diarrhea, Lordestin and Zilola for allergy and Curiosin for wound care.

Some well-known traditional brands are only available in a few countries (e.g. Folik, Magnezin, Moilec, Fasconal, Exigan).

Our emergency contraceptive pill reaches more than 100 countries worldwide and is sold without prescription in most of the countries. You can learn more by visiting our website or

We are continuously working on improving our information services for patients and Health Care Professionals. We keep contact through health professional events, patient education projects and various websites.