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Payment of dividends by Chemical Works of Gedeon Richter Plc.


​The Chemical Works of Gedeon Richter Plc. (hereinafter: the "Company") would like to inform its shareholders that based on a resolution No. 7/2020. 04. 28. of the Board of Directors acting in the competence of the AGM, in the case of common shares: 63% of the nominal value, that is HUF 63 per share will be paid as dividends - provided that the shareholders will not initiate the convocation of the AGM for the subsequent approval of the resolution on the annual report and the allocation of after-tax profits[1], pursuant to Section 9(6) of decree no. 102/2020 (IV.10.) of the Government of Hungary - pursuant to paragraph 7.11.1 of the Company's Statutes, in a way that the Company will increase the payment, i.e. distribute the dividend after treasury shares among the shareholders entitled to dividend, in the proportion of their shares. The per share amount of dividend so increased will be established and published by the Company on June 2, 2020 on the website of the Budapest Stock Exchange and of the Company.

The dividend is paid according to the following:


Right to Dividends

All natural and legal persons who own shares of the Company as of the below specified date according to the identification of ownership initiated by the Company  and to be carried out in accordance with the Regulations of KELER Zrt., who have had their names registered in the Share Registry and who have rendered their identification data as required by the legislation at the Company's disposal by way of their securities account keeper are entitled to dividends.


Conditions for the Payment of Dividends

Based on the legal regulations in effect, payment necessitates the provision of the following data in view of registration in the Share Registry and tax payment (supply of data) considerations:

  • In the case of shareholders who are private persons, the data required for the payment of dividends include: name, name at birth, place/time of birth, mother's birth name, citizenship, tax identification number (or passport number in the case of foreigners), the shareholder's gender and address.
  • In the case of companies with legal personality: company name, seat, place of registration; tax or registration number in the case of companies registered in Hungary.
  • In the case of nominees: the name in respect of the nominee, seat, place of registration (including tax number for nominees registered in Hungary), as well as a declaration regarding the number and composition of shares held by the nominee and regarding the extent to which the nominee represents private and legal persons. The Company would like to draw nominees' attention to the fact that it will effect payment to both legal and private persons after deducting the applicable tax as set forth in the legislation. As the system, rate and assessment of taxation of private and legal persons differ, we will not be able to accept changes to the given rates following the payment. In lack of the declaration, the Company will not pay dividend.

    We would also like to highlight that we will be able to issue certificates for secondary legal and private persons if the nominee supplies data in a declaration concerning the above-listed data relating to those represented in the format of a deed in the Hungarian or the English and Hungarian languages duly signed by the company at the latest by the last day of the calendar year in which payment is made.

Missing data will cause delays in payment but payment can be effected by supplying the missing data. We would like to call our shareholders' attention to the fact that the right to dividends may only be practiced by registration in the Company's Share Registry.

In the event the account keeper does not identify, or does not identify properly, its shareholder customers, it may do so at a later time. Payments made pursuant to missing data supplied subsequently will be transferred in the month following the month in which the missing data was supplied.


Highlighted Dates

June 15, 2020

The starting date for the payment of dividends determined as above, subject to the above condition. Those entitled to claim dividends may do so from this date.

June 8, 2020

Reference date for the identification of ownership. Those who own shares at the end of this day are entitled to dividends.

June 4, 2020

The last day for trading shares on the Budapest Stock Exchange in order to obtain shares that will allow entitlement for the payment of dividends.


The Method of Dividend Payments

The payment of dividends due in respect of common shares will be made by transfer to the account of the shareholder's securities account keeper or to the bank account indicated by the shareholder to the securities account keeper and to the bank account indicated by the securities account keeper in the case of domestic legal persons. We will not be liable for delays or damages caused by the supply of erroneous data or missing account information.


Tax Deductions at the Time of Payment

For payments made to domestic and foreign private persons, we will deduct 15% as personal income tax based on Sections 8 (1) and 66 of Act CXVII of 1995 on Personal Income Tax (hereinafter "Personal Income Tax Act"). Social Contribution Tax shall not be deducted from the payments.

We will make payments to legal persons (domestic and foreign alike) without tax deductions.

In case of shares kept on long-term investment account, the payment of the dividends is made without tax reduction. (Personal Income Tax Act 67/B.§ (6) c))

Simultaneously with the claim for dividends, the securities account keeper shall report to KELER Zrt. at the identification of ownership that the shares are kept on long-term investment account. Should the securities account keeper fail to comply with such obligation, the dividends will be paid after the deduction of 15% personal income tax.


Tax Certificates

We will provide certificates of the dividends paid and the tax deducted to our shareholders (to the correspondence or permanent address given in the identification of ownership) following the transfer to the account holder at the latest by January 31, 2021, except in cases where the securities account keeper has requested by way of a declaration that tax certificates be forwarded to it.


Dividend Payments in respect of Previous Years

We would like to inform our shareholders that the payment of overdue dividends may be requested in the manner and with the conditions described above and at the same time as dividends in respect of 2019.

In case of private persons, dividends for preceding years not yet paid are equally subject to a personal income tax deduction of 15%.

In case of shareholders that are legal persons, dividends for the preceding years which were not yet paid will be paid also without deduction.

For further information, please contact the Shareholders' Office of the Company (H-1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 8., tel: +36 (1) 431-5733, +36 (1) 431-5878, e-mail:


Budapest, May 14, 2020


[1] For the subsequent approval of the resolution concerning the approval of the 2019 annual report and the allocation of the after-tax profits (dividends), the shareholders can initiate the convocation of the general meeting by 31 May, 2020 in accordance with the content of the extraordinary information published on 14 April, 2020.