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Extraordinary Announcement


​Gedeon Richter Plc. in order to comply with the regulations of the Act LXVII of 2019 on the encouragement of long-term shareholder engagement and modification of certain acts with the purpose of legal harmonization (hereinafter: Act) hereby notify its shareholders that in year 2019
Gedeon Richter Plc. did not entered into such transaction - deemed to be material by the Act, - with related party, which had to be approved by the Board of Directors of Gedeon Richter Plc.,
in line with Subsection (1) 25 of the referred Act.

Gedeon Richter Plc. based upon Subsection (5) 25 of the Act hereby discloses such product supply and product- and service purchase transactions the Company entered into with its subsidiaries
- defined in point b) Section 24 of the Act - in year 2019, which falls under the scope of the referred Act because of their aggregated amount:



Product supply transactions
Name of the related party Date of the transaction Aggregated amount of the transaction

Gedeon Richter Iberica S.A.UFY 2019.       9,782
Gedeon Richter USA Inc.FY 2019.      13,775
Gedeon Richter Pharma GmbHFY 2019.      11,737
AO Gedeon Richter - RUSFY 2019.      54,351
Pharmafarm S.A.FY 2019.       3,723
Gedeon Richter Italia S.R.L.FY 2019.       7,791
Gedeon Richter UK Ltd.FY 2019.       3,973
Grmed Company Ltd.FY 2019.       5,497



Product- and service purchase transactions
Name of the related party Date of the transaction Aggregated amount of the transaction

Reflex Kft.FY 2019.       4,962
Gedeon Richter France S.A.S.FY 2019.      10,556
Gedeon Richter Pharma GmbHFY 2019.       9,297
Gedeon Richter Iberica S.A.UFY 2019.       4,859
Gedeon Richter Romania S. A.FY 2019.       8,366
Gedeon Richter Polska Sp. Z.O.O.FY 2019.      11,603
Gedeon Richter Italia S.R.L.FY 2019.       4,869
PregLem S.A.FY 2019.       5,831
Gedeon Richter Pharmaceuticals (China) Co. Ltd.FY 2019.      14,332
Gedeon Richter Farma O.O.O.FY 2019.      16,401


Gedeon Richter Plc. does not have such open transaction the individual disclosure of which is set out by the Act.