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Financial calendar

Gedeon Richter Plc. discloses the Company’s corporate action timetable in accordance with Section 18.3. of Book Two related to Regulations on Listing and Continued Trading of the Regulations of the Budapest Stock Exchange Ltd.:


Expected date*: Event:

On the calendar week beginning with 6 February 2017

Publication of the Consolidated Report 12 months to December 2016 
March 24, 2017Announcement concerning the convocation of the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
April 3, 2017Publication of the Company’s „Annual Report” for 2016
April 4, 2017Publication of proposals to the AGM and draft resolutions of the AGM
April 26, 2017Annual General Meeting
April 27, 2017Publication of AGM resolutions
April 28, 2017 Publication of 2016 annual report according to Hungarian Accounting Act and 2016 annual report according to IFRS ** and Corporate Governance Report
On the calendar week beginning with  8 May, 2017 Publication of Consolidated Report 3 months to March 2017
On the calendar week beginning with24 July, 2017Publication of Consolidated Report 6 months to June 2017
On the calendar week beginning with 6 November 2017 Publication of the Consolidated Report 9 months to September 2017


* All dates in the table may be subject to change!

**Gedeon Richter Plc. will not hold dedicated press conference on the announcement of its annual report. The Company provides information about the annual results at the general meeting.​

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