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Richter for Women

​​Gedeon Richter is in a privileged position in a sense that, as a Hungarian-based multinational corporation, has an exceptional insight into the situation of Hungarian women. It devotes particular attention not only to preserving their health, but also to fostering their psychological and social well-being. To this end, the Company created the Richter for Women programme, whose major elements are the Richter Golden Mum Award, the Richter Mum Teresa Club and the Mum Teresa Project.

The Richter for Women programme was created to allow the Company to take emphatic and clearly visible steps to make it possible for women to get the recognition and attention they deserve on the basis of their everyday work and achievements. The initiative consists of several parts, which are implemented with the help of the Company’s main ally, writer Zsuzsa Rácz, who for many years now has devoted herself to shedding light on the situation of women.

The Mum Teresa Club provides the space and opportunity for creating a women’s support community. Anyone can join the club who wants to belong to an accepting, dependable and dynamic community and is willing do whatever they can for this community. This goal is also served by the Mum Teresa Project, which provides women with the opportunity to speak and write about their problems without taboos, secure in the knowledge that Richter and the community will listen to them.

​The purpose of the Golden Mum Award is to improve women’s self-esteem and the way they are valued by society. The award is presented to women who work in traditional women’s aid professions and whose work, though indispensable, provides them with little financial reward and social recognition. The public can nominate golden mums every year, and the winners are chosen by a professional panel and a public vote.

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