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    Reagila named Medicine of the Year

    Richter's atypical antipsychotic, Reagila, containing the active ingredient cariprazine, was awarded the prize of Medicine of the Year 2019 by the Hungarian Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (MFT). Each year, this prestigious award recognises the most advanced and effective products that have made a significant breakthrough in the treatment of a disease. The award was presented to Erik Bogsch, Chairman of the Board of Gedeon Richter Plc by Dr Péter Ferdinandy, President of MFT.

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    Research alliances

    The Company considers it essential to establish partnerships to facilitate the development and marketing

    of new molecules. We join forces with academic and university institutions in the early phase

    of our research activities, while we make efforts to establish cooperation with other pharmaceutical

    companies when it comes to the development of molecules in clinical phases.

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    Gynaecological therapy is a focus area for Richter. The company has several decades of unparalleled experience in this area. The first steroid experiments were conducted by the company’s founder, Gedeon Richter himself. Our company was the first pharmaceutical company to put a contraceptive on the Hungarian market, in 1966.

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